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Department of Strategic Communication Holds Free Breast Screening

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Published: Sun, 10/23/2022 - 20:11

The Department of Strategic Communication under the School of Communication and Media Studies (SCMS), University of Education, Winneba (UEW), in collaboration with the Trust Hospital in Accra, has held a day’s social campaign on breast cancer awareness and free breast screening.

The exercise, which was organised under the global theme “Together We Rise”, took place at the forecourt of the SCMS on the South Campus of the UEW.  

The Dean of SCMS, Prof. Charlotte Fofo Lomotey, expressed appreciation to the team from the Trust Hospital for the initiative to create awareness, help early detection of breast cancer and recommend the appropriate medication as may be required.   

Prof. Charlotte Fofo Lomotey
Prof. Charlotte Fofo Lomotey

"The event this morning has shown us that there’s so much talk about breasts and breast cancer because of the different things we do with our breasts. For instance, both men and newborns sucking our breasts, and women sucking men's breasts is also common. Let's maintain good breast health," she advised.  

Prof. Fofo Lomotey encouraged everyone present at the occasion to take advantage of the event and get their breasts screened. "Let’s all take advantage of today’s programme and get screened. If there is anything wrong, I am sure the medical team will tell us where to go. I am very sure it’s not just about surgery or hormonal treatment, but it all depends on the stage. There may be a lump that feels uncomfortable. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have breast cancer. So, please let’s get screened."

The Head of the Department, Strategic Communication, Dr. Mavis Amo-Mensah, welcoming attendees to the ceremony, expressed excitement about patronage of the event. She lauded the Trust Hospital for its commitment to the breast cancer awareness drive.  

Dr. Mavis Amo-Mensah
Dr. Mavis Amo-Mensah

“October is a special month dedicated to creating awareness about breast cancer and so the Department of Strategic Communication in collaboration with the School of Communication and Media Studies and the Trust Hospital seized the opportunity to create awareness about breast cancer.

"As the theme of this year goes, ‘Together We Rise’, if we all raise our voices together, we can fight breast cancer. I know you are going to enjoy the experience. I hope you get insight into breast cancer from the presentation by the team from the Trust Hospital, and we invite you all to get screened," Dr. Mavis Amo-Mensah said.

In her presentation, a member of the Trust Hospital Team, Ms. Louisa Odei, disclosed her organisation’s drive towards holistic breast cancer care this year.  

Ms. Louisa Odei
Ms. Louisa Odei

"The breast is made up of three main parts; the lobules, the ducts, and the connective tissues. Breast cancers begin in the ducts or the lobules. Why do we worry at all? Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. Due to our poor record-keeping in Ghana, it’s estimated that 4.5% of older women get it. At the Trust Hospital, we recorded 0.41% and then 0.1% in 2020 and 2021, respectively based on the screening we did across Accra and other parts of the country.

"Everybody is at risk. Interestingly, a lot of men think that this is a female disease. 1% of men do get breast cancer. Don’t think that you don’t have breasts because you have a chest. No, there is; once you have a nipple, you have breasts," she stated.

Ms. Louisa Odei urged ladies to examine their breasts about five to seven days every month after their menses.

The free breast screening followed immediately after the awareness campaign for 207 people.

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