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Published: Tue, 11/30/2021 - 18:21

National Service Personnel (NSP) posted to the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) for 2021/2022, have expressed the enthusiasm at undergoing orientation to aid them to familiarise themselves with the ethics, corporate structures and principles of the University. 

They acknowledge that, while their immediate bosses had trained them on the operations of their respective offices, the University-wide orientation will provide them with a broader perspective on how the various aspects of the University work together to achieve corporate goals. They argue that this will allow them to function properly at the University.

In an interview with the UEW Department of Media Relations (DMR), Ms. Florence Akosua Nketiah, a service person at the Gender Mainstreaming Directorate, expressed her eagerness to learn and appreciate contemporary organisational structures at the orientation, stating that it will help her become relevant to society even after her national service.

“I’m a teacher so I have been in the classroom for quite some time now and I’d want to equip myself with administrative experience as well. I am very curious and looking forward to learning new things. I believe the orientation will allow me to learn more,” she intimated.

From top L-R: Ms. Florence Nketiah, Samuel Owusu, Richard Owusu Ansah and Gabriella Mackay
From top L-R: Ms. Florence Nketiah, Samuel Owusu, Richard Owusu Ansah and Gabriella Mackay

Another service person at the University Relations and Protocol Services, Mr. Samuel Owusu, a Business Administration student with a marketing background, disclosed his frustration at the beginning of his service when he did not know whom to report to and where to deliver letters but as time went by he learnt of his duties from his immediate boss and on the job. The orientation will, therefore, come in handy to improve his appreciation of the organisation and its structures.  

Mr. Owusu anticipates that the training brings a lot of positive impacts on the NSP work-related activities and should also teach them how to be responsible at the workplace.    

Ms. Gabriella Mackay, also a national service person, shared her one-month working experience with DMR. “It’s been great working with my alma mater as a national service person. Even though the University hasn’t given us University-wide orientation, my boss has oriented me. Now, I have learnt a few things which are helping me in my stay here.”   

As part of the core mandate of the Division of Human Resource to effectively manage the institution’s human resources including NSP, it has assured the University’s Media Relations Department that plans are underway for NSP to undergo orientation for deeper insight into the structures and operations of UEW as an institution to adequately prepare NSP for the task ahead.