• The Department of Political Science Education since its inception in 2013, leapfrogged its sister departments in terms of students’ numbers. Many have attributed it to the quality of learning and teaching.
  • Another achievement is stocking its reading room with modern books. It is well air-conditioned and conducive for academic work or studies.
  • The Department of Political Science Education is arguably, has the quality of human resource. It has six (6) terminal degree holders and two non-terminal degree holders.  Five more terminal degrees added from one initially.
  • The department successfully rolls out two (2) graduate programmes in the 2019/2020 academic year. 
  • The department witnessed three promotions i.e., from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer within the spate of five years. Two more are pending. There was no Senior Lecturer in the department when it was created out of Social Science Education in 2013.
  • Projectors for learning and teaching have been procured through collaboration with the student’s association. Lectures are delivered using slides to aid teaching and learning.
  • The department and the Student’s Association have since inception combines theory and practice in lesson delivery. For instance, students are transported every semester to witness parliamentary proceedings, the work of the judiciary and some think tanks on governance for first-hand experience.