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Student Association (SOSSA)

The association is known and called "Social Studies Students' Association". Herein referred to as "SOSSA". All students who are admitted into the department are members, and students from other departments who take courses in the social studies department can also join. All lecturers in the department are patrons and the Head of Department shall be the chief patron. All members pay annual dues to determine their status and entitlements

Aims and Objectives of SOSSA.

  • To seek the welfare of all members in the association
  • To protect the individual and collective rights of all members
  • To promote the growth and development of the department of social studies and the 

University of Education, Winneba as a whole.

  • To help members obtain higher academic standards.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, exhibitions, competitions and exchange programs

       for members.

  • To provide a source of entertainment where necessary and create a sense of belonging 

among members.

  • To promote professional ethics among members.

c. Leaders ‘SOSSA

There is a nine - member executive committee which comprises;

1. The President                      0555721291

2. Vice President                     0249484282

3. Secretary

4. Vice secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Financial secretary

7. Public Relations Officer (P.R.O)

8. Organising secretary

9. Welfare secretary.


d. Activities/Achievements

  • Organized Fresher's Akwaaba

Educational trips to:

  • Kakum National Park
  • Cape Coast Castle
  • Mt. Afadjato
  • Wlie falls
  • Nzulezu
  • Inter-level debate competition
  • SOSSA Dinner and Awards Night
  • Organization of seminars, health screening and workshops for members



The activities of SOSSA include the following.

1. The association organize seminars, workshops and programs for the members

2.  The association organize educational trip for its members in the first semester of every year.

3. The association also organize fresher's Akwaaba / Socialization for its freshers in the first 

     semester and a week celebration for all members in the second semester.

4. The association in collaboration with the department organize a departmental orientation 

     for its members every first semester.

5. The association also organizes periodic meetings for its members to discuss issues of its 


6. There is also a periodic election to elect new leaders for the association in every second 


7. The association through its judicial board settled disputes among its members.

8. There is annual get together ceremony in every second semester.

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