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Leader in Teacher Education


The Department of Basic Education is one of the five major Departments that constitute the Faculty of Educational Studies of the University. It was established at the beginning of the 2001/2002 academic year to offer an on-campus programme to teachers to enable them teach at the Primary and Junior Secondary School (now Junior High school) levels of Ghana’s educational system The Department is poised on producing broad based trained teachers capable of teaching effectively at both the primary and Junior High School levels.

Vision Statement

The Department of Basic Education shall become a pre-eminent department that maintains qualified staff that models best professional practices in teaching, research and training of highly qualified basic education professionals.

Mission Statement

The Department shall serve as a centre of excellence which will inculcate in its products the requisite academic and professional skills and competencies as well as humanistic values for teaching and managing education at the primary and junior secondary school levels, conduct research, disseminate relevant knowledge and skills and influence educational policy on primary and junior secondary education.


The objectives of the Department are to:

  • provide student-teachers with appropriate knowledge, skills and methods of teaching various subjects at the basic school level
  • equip teachers with skills in curriculum development, evaluation and in designing instructional materials.
  • equip teachers with skills in school management and instructional supervision.
  • equip teachers with skills in designing and administering assessment instruments in the school system.
  • prepare teachers with a firm foundation for research and further studies in education and related disciplines.


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