Duration Classification Entry Mode Type
4 years Regular/Full Time Direct Undergraduate

The Department of Applied Linguistics has grown from a humble beginning to become a highly reputable post-graduate department in the training of teachers for both pre-tertiary and tertiary institutions in Ghana. Currently, the Department offers Linguistics courses to Undergraduate students in the College of Languages Education at the University of Education, Winneba. Students who take these courses belong to all the Departments in both the Faculty of Foreign Languages Education and Communication and the Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education. The students do not study these courses into detail, as such, it has become necessary to offer the B.A. Linguistics (and other languages) Education programme to offer the theoretical understanding of the nature of language as well as its practical applications. Students will learn the rudiments of language study and principles of language teaching. The programme is designed to give training in linguistics and language (English, French, Ewe, GaDangme, Fante, Nzema, Twi, Dagaare, Dagbani, Gonja, Gurene, Kasem, Kusaal) analysis such that graduates will be well-equipped to serve as language specialists in institutions in the country and abroad. Graduates from the programme will also be able to teach the grammar and use these languages in our Basic and High schools.